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…there’s something stronger, something better.

…there’s something stronger, something better.

Prettiest scenery ever! 🙌 (at Igls, Austria)

Prettiest scenery ever! 🙌 (at Igls, Austria)

Me and Berit at the start!!

Me and Berit at the start!!


One random day at home I facebook messaged Berit asking for pics from the Park City races. She said she only had the ones during the awards ceremony and then asked me how I was doing and if I was still bobsledding. I told her I missed it and that I really wanted to get back to it. She then said that I am welcome to slide with her in the upcoming Calgary races. I accepted and was on my way to Calgary the following week.

The races in Calgary were awesome! There were three races (two runs/race) within the span of two days. Two on Thursday and one on Friday. Sineaid raced with Berit in the first race on Thursday and then I raced the second race and raced Friday as well. Me and Berit clocked the fastest push start time on Thursday with a second place finish, and a third place finish on Friday. Podium!!! :) You can see the results of the races in my previous post.

All in all it was an amazing experience. Even though it was freezing, I loved being in Canada. We went out to a Canadian club after our races and I witnessed some unusual dancing. I was even tempted to bust out my phone and start recording lol. But the club was really kool, they surprisingly played some really hip music.haha. 

After watching/helping the guys compete in 4-man on Saturday and Sunday, we left (drove) back to Utah on Sunday. It was a long drive but it really wasn’t that bad. I like road trips :) We took a break in Butte, Montana for the night and then continued again on Monday. In Butte, we passed by the second tallest statue in the U.S at the top of the mountain,glowing, named ‘Our Lady of the Rockies’. You can find the story behind the statue here: Crazy!

Oh and I forgot to mention that the morning after my race on Thursday, I received an email from coach asking me if I was available to travel with the World Cup team for the second half! YESSS!! I stared at the email for about 15 minutes before I started crying. Such an amazing opportunity for me and I’m just so blessed and thankful to God! This is a step in the right direction but the hard work is far from over! I will leave for Europe Dec 29th-Feb 19th!! Can’t wait!! World Cup here I come :)

Europa Cup

Our Europa Cup itinerary: Igls, Austria; Winterberg, Germany; back to Igls for training week; La Plagne, France; then back to Igls for Junior World Championships!

November 10, 2012 we landed in Munich, Germany! I got a culture shock immediately as the rental car man did not know how to speak English and the car that Megan rented was a stick shift. I have no idea how to speak German and no idea how to drive stick but Megan sort of did lol. It took a couple of tries before we actually left the parking lot haha! We eventually made it to the hotel not too far from the airport and stayed there for a night and picked up Hyleas the next morning before heading to Igls, Austria! The drive took a little over 2hrs. Although I was super tired, I tried to take in as much as I could. The fact that I was actually in Europe and the beauty surrounding me was too surreal! We stayed in a beautiful hotel in Austria called Bon Alpina! The service was great especially one male employee who was hilarious! I loved it!

The way the week worked was that there were two training runs on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and then competition on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I took the first two training runs on Tuesday and then the first training run on Thursday as I was gonna compete the next day! We spent Thursday, friday and saturday night sanding runners and getting ‘snow white’ (the sled Megan rented) ready for the races.

You can see the results in the link in my previous post: European Cup article: US lands top 10 finishes in European Cup opener

We did great! Time was shaved down every race!

Right after the last race in Igls on Sunday, we left for Winterberg, Germany! We were told the drive would take about 6hrs (LoL); it really took around 8! The drive was scary because the fog was super thick, it was dark, the roads were narrow and windy and I don’t know how many times we got lost. We stopped and asked for help at a small pizza restaurant but the communication barrier made it difficult. Thanks to the patience of Hyleas (who was driving), the GPS and God, we managed to find our way to Hotel Winterberg! We got settled in and quickly knocked out.

The way this next week worked out was that there was was going to to be two training runs Monday and two on Tuesday, race Wednesday and Thursday! I was excited to get back to sliding because I had two days off and we were in a new sled ‘flash’ that was much more comfortable than ‘snow white.’ Me and Megan were the first nation off from start 1. The speed that we were moving at was crazy fast! I never felt this kind of speed on any other track. Unfortunately the dense fog covering the track caused us to crash in curve 13 and we slid on our sides all the way to the finishing straight away. About 20+ sleds crashed after us and they canceled training for the rest of that day. Because Megan’s blood pressure was low and she had pain in her shoulder, she was taken to the hospital in an ambulance despite her unwillingness to lol. I was driven back to the start with ‘flash,’ loaded it in the car and headed straight to the hospital with Hyleas to meet Megan. Megan said it was hard for her to see from curve 5! Crazy! I came out with a small headache and Megan was eventually diagnosed with a torn AC joint and torn ligaments in her shoulder. The crash definitely could have been worse and I’m just thankful we came out alive!

This was definitely not the way I wanted to start off the week in Germany or my rookie season altogether but in the end we have to submit to God’s plan. Obstacles like this happen but they make for a sweeter come back and I will make sure that is the case!


Europa Cup in Igls, Austria with brakewomen Maureen Ajoku and Hyleas Fountain.  It was an incredible experience and a ton of fun!

Award Ceremony NAC Park City! #USA (by Momoajoku)